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Wow, Em J really is 13 months old.

It happened two days ago and Andy and I kind of missed it.

To some that may sound like bad parenting.

To others it may sound like I have lost it that I even care or realize that I missed 13 months.

To me,

I don't know.

It makes me sad that she is getting so old that the months don't matter has much but at the same time for some reason, they just don't seem to matter as much.

Not as much has changed. At least not drastically or permanently. She is eating (better) but still eating, she is crawling, no talking, no walking, a lot of standing and we just bought her her first pair of shoes tonight.

TOMS! I was so excited.

I know most people still continue doing monthly updates but I don't like forcing posts and for me and Em J, it just doesn't feel natural.

But . . . it is time for another Munchkin Meals link up with A Healthy Slice of Life. Food seems to be involved with most of her drastic changes these days. Constantly becoming more and more like an


toddler eater. So, I wanted to keep this tradition alive.

Now, shut up and get to it, Lindsay.


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With 3 new teeth coming in, 2 of which are further back in her mouth, breakfast has involved a lot of frozen pancakes.

Em seems to like the coldness and hardness on her teeth and they are super easy for mom and dad.


I am not always here for lunch but when I am lunch is typically a sandwich some beans or veggie on the side, some dairy and a sippy cup.


Recently, snack has been either yogurt or cheese and a rice cake with peanut butter. Once in a while, we even do just spoonfuls of avocado.

I normally also do a sippy cup of milk again but now that Em J is downing the sippy cups, I think she is getting plenty of milk and a fourth cup just isn't necessary.

I think we might start doing a sippy cup of water at snack time.


Dinner is normally planned as whatever we are having for dinner.

But for some reason, that hardly ever cuts it for the Em J. We almost always end up giving her some kind of beans and veggies.

This night, Andy and I were eating a little late so I gave her the beans to start without wasting some of our meal. We try to eat dinner as a family as often as we can but sometimes it just doesn't happen.


I know, it sounds crazy that I give my 13 month old dessert. And normally I don't. But sometimes I like giving her a little something after dinner.

My three options are frozen yogurt bites, just plain yogurt or mashed banana.

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