WIAW: A Snowy Valentine's Day

It is time for a WIAW. This WIAW is going to be told through my Valentine's Day story.

This week was a crazy week. We went to school on Monday and half day on Tuesday and that's it.

We were out for the rest of the week because of snow. That is pretty crazy for North Carolina. It appears it is going to cost us part of Spring Break but I can't complain too much. Two of those days were extra full days with Andy but those days during Spring Break wouldn't be with him. And, I also got a ton of extra school work done. I kicked my butt to use the time to get things ready for the rest of the year and revamp a few things that I was struggling with. Yes, it is a little late in the year but better late than never.

It was great to have Valentine's day as a snow day because Andy and I got to spend the day together. Well, kind of. Andy and I aren't good at getting each other presents especially when it is a random holiday like Valentine's day. But we have been a very lame couple so we decided at the last minute to treat each other a little special.

I let him sleep in and got Em J up, fed the dog and made a delicious breakfast for him. Little did I know that while I was doing that, he was in the bedroom scheduling a massage for me. I had just told him that I needed some relaxing time away from chores and he followed through. I love Emma June with all of my heart but sometimes she is a handful. She has a tendency to throw hissy fits and is getting into hitting when something doesn't go her way.

Eggs with diced sweet potatoes, green peppers and onions with chocolate donuts on the side.

After getting up at 5:30 a.m. to work out and get ready for school in time to get there to prepare for the day, I then work a 9 hour day and immediately drive to pick up Em and bring her home. Often to spend the night dealing with hissy fit after hissy fit. Ok, ok, it may not be that bad but after being awake since 5:30 a.m. and working all day it sure seems like it. Then when Em J goes to bed between 7:30 p.m. and 8:00 p.m., I am by no means done with my day.

I then stay up getting school work, blogging, house chores and/or knitting done for the rest of the night, sometimes staying up until midnight or later. (I have started a new plan to go to sleep whenever I want. Meaning if I am tired and want to go to bed at 8:00 p.m. when Em J does then I am going. If I want to stay up and get stuff done then I do that until I want to go to bed. I haven't had a week where there wasn't at least two nights I was motivated to stay up and get stuff done so it is working well so far.)

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Soooo, either way, I told him I needed a break away from life. I would love for that day to be spent with him but that is a little but harder. It was hard to give up time hanging out with him but I knew mentally I needed the time to forget my responsibilities and just relax. I have a problem doing this at home; I never learned how to stop doing things. (And I am sure he got some down time to nap, play video games or watch tv.)

Back to my story: Andy got me a massage and said I could go get my nails done before or after too. So, while Em J was finishing up lunch, I left to go get my nails done. Reflecting back, I still brought a book to read so that I could get something productive done while relaxing. Seriously, I have a problem. Learning to relax is something I have been actively working on a for a few years. Obviously, I still have some room to grow.

After my nails, I then went on to get an hour long massage. Yes, I am aware I have an amazing husband. I love him more than anything.

Then I came home, had a snack and picked right back up on my chores. Don't worry, I was also spending time with Andy; he was helping me out with one of my projects.

A banana (eaten with a fork, my favorite way), homemade cheese its, and a homemade no bake granola bar.

Then we spent the rest of the afternoon playing around with Em J and each other.

That night we planned a somewhat nice meal together of something we had been wanting to try for a while: fake fried chicken with veggies and fries. We saw this chicken recipe on an episode of Guy vs. Rachel. Andy has been talking about trying it ever since. I was able to get a short description of what the kid did so we tried it. We dipped chicken into olive oil then in breadcrumbs, seared it in a pan on high heat for a few minutes and then threw it in the oven to finish cooking. We then had corn and peas on the side with a little seasoning on top and finally french fries. It was delicious. We don't eat too many meat, veggie and starch meals these days and it is always refreshing when we do: reminds me of my childhood.

"Fried" chicken, fries and corn and peas.

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